Ceramic Price List

Ceramic Coating Pricing

We offer ceramic coatings from Gtechniq, Opti Coat and Owners Pride and are accredited with all 3 suppliers.

Prices for ceramic coatings can range greatly. We offer single layer, two layer and three layer coating and offer 3, 5, 7, and 9 year warranties. In addition, we break pricing into 4 different vehicle size categories and offer single stage and dual stage polishing depending on the condition of your vehicle. We will list a range for ceramic coatings but it’s best to call us to get a firm quote or get your vehicle scheduled.

Standard Sedans (Tesla 3, S, Accords, Camry etc…) $1,050.00 - $2,625.00
Mid Size SUV Sm Trucks (Mercedes ML350, Toyota Tacoma, Highlander etc) $1,345.00 - $2,975.00
Large Vehicles (Excursions, Suburbans, Full size pickups etc) $1,575.00 - $3,500.00

RV’s Sprinter vans and oversize vehicles please call for pricing.

Above pricing includes hand wash, clay bar treatment, single stage polishing, and ceramic coating of your vehicles paint, exterior hard plastics and wheel faces.

Options can include: ceramic glass coating, 12 month tire coating, wheels off and wheel calipers and inner wheel barrels coated.

If vehicle requires two stage polishing then a $400.00 to $700.00 fee will be added to the above pricing. This additional polishing service would not be performed without your approval and will be determined if it’s necessary when you drop off your vehicle for coating or come by for a firm quote.

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